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NFT Collection

For many people, being part of an NFT Collection is a symbol of social proof. For others, it means being part of a larger community that shares like-minded ideas. And, for some - it is the idea of collecting something available in limited quantity. At Metabloq, we help you create your own NFT collection by providing you with custom services by our in-house NFT artists.



Our in-house NFT artists have worked with more than 20 NFT art projects. Our company allows retailers and individuals to generate and sell the tokens, better known as NFTs, without having to do the creative or coding work themselves. We also help companies we work with the ability to create content, merchandise and sicounts for their online storefronts and for its NFTs. Metabloq is one of the few worldwide that makes it easier for brands to create and sell NFTs.


1. Supply: This is how many unique images you will have in your collection. Generally speaking, supply ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 unique NFTs. 

2. Quantity of Traits: Traits are how many attributes your base character/s will have and this where the creativity and uniqueness of your collection comes into play. The more traits a collection has, the more variety and colours, which will affect the overall appeal of your collection.

3. Theme: It is usually best practise to have a story behind your collection, which has the potential to create a community in the NFT space, ensuring a successfully sold out collection and return on investment.

4. Extras: These include all the creative content you may need for marketing or collection expansion. It may be a Twitter banner, rarity or even animated GIFs.

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