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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Are you a start-up or an established organization looking to build a digital currency wallet?


If yes, navigate your development journey with Metabloq. We follow a coherent roadmap to steer your project. Whether you need a custodian wallet or a non-custodian wallet, a web wallet or a mobile wallet, our mission-driven solutions effectively cater to your needs.

We leverage our domain knowledge, breadth of expertise, and technical prowess to provide you with a great digital currency wallet app that can you a distinct competitive advantage.

Digital wallet on phone

Features of A Cryptocurrency Wallet

Our Development Process

  • Contextualize: We work hands-on with our clients to comprehend their needs and contextualize blockchain for their business. We do so while exploring the benefits and challenges and co-innovating around the use case.

  • Orchestrate: We help our clients prepare for the market disruption as a result of a successful digital currency wallet launch. Our strategy and advisory services help clients gauge organizational readiness, anticipate the business impact, and devise a go-to-market plan

  • Build: We design and architect a digital currency wallet, leveraging our rich domain knowledge and breadth of expertise. We work across the organization to engage stakeholders to build solutions ready for deployment.

  • Implement: We implement a digital currency wallet solution and authorize updates and changes. We constantly deliver our services and support even after product deployment to ensure that our solutions have a tangible impact on our clients' businesses.

Urban Clouds

Why Choose Us as your Digital Currency Wallet Developers

Meaningful Outcomes


We create a tangible impact. We make sure you see value from your investments.

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